What is the Connecticut Manufactured Home Owners Alliance?


CMHOA is the only Mobile Manufactured Home Owner advocacy group recognized by the State of Connecticut.


What does CMHOA do?


CMHOA works in conjunction with the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection to protect the residents of Mobile Manufactured Home Parks from violations of their rights under the laws of Connecticut. As Home Owners and “Renters” at the same time, there are additional laws in the state statutes that protect your rights as a home owner, from unfair trade practices by Manufactured Mobile Home Park Owners and their Management agents.


How can you be a Home Owner and still be a renter?


Mobile Manufactured Home Owners own the real property, the actual Mobile Manufactured Home that they live in. The land where the home sits, in most situations, is rented from the Mobile Manufactured Park Owner. The Park Owner is the owner of the land, you are the owner of the home.


Why would you need additional protection?


In some cases when there is a dispute between you the “Home Owner” and the “Landlord” which is the Park Owner, there may come a point where the Park Owner says that you have broken a rule and they file to have you evicted. Should you as the Home Owner lose the eviction case in court, you must vacate your home which is property owned by you. You may be told to move the home, which is not only not an easy task, but it may be that you will not find a location where your Mobile Manufactured Home will be welcomed due to zoning or lack of available spaces in a Mobile Home Park. In that event, you are to leave the home, and are stuck choosing between selling at a loss to resolve the issue quickly, or leave it where it is and pay rent on the land anyway until you can find a place that will accept you. In the case of eviction, there may not be another park owner willing to accept you into the park for that reason as well.


How does CMHOA help to protect you?


CMHOA works with you to determine what the initial problem is, and then looks for ways to try to resolve the issue before you get to the point of eviction. We will work with you, the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and other state agencies to try to work out a viable solution between you and your Landlord. If there are circumstances for example, where the issue of eviction started due to a complaint that you have made regarding a condition in the Mobile Manufactured Home Park where your home resides, there are also other options available. If the landlord is knowingly or unknowingly breaking the laws that regulate Mobile Home Parks, We will assist you in filing a formal complaint on the landlord through the Department of Consumer Protection.


Will I still need to hire a lawyer in a case like that?


That depends on the facts of the situation. If you are completely absent of wrong doing, chances are we can resolve the issue through normal means and channels. If there is some aspect where you are at fault, but also there is fault on the side of the landlord, I would still consider hiring legal representation. We do have a legal advisor that is well versed and up to date on the legal aspects and the regulations, and between you, our group and our legal advisor, we will better know how to help you when we know all of the facts.




Connecticut Manufactured Home Owners Alliance