Welcome to The Connecticut Manufactured Home Owner Alliance. If you live in a Mobile Manufactured Home you will want to bookmark this website. We are here to provide assistance and answers to the questions regarding Manufactured Mobile Home Park Living.


Who lives in Mobile Manufactured Homes you ask? Why would I want to live in a "Trailer Park" you ask? Let me help you get answers to those questions.


There are many different types of people that live in Manufactured Mobile Home Parks. People from all walks of life, people with college degrees, people that have families, retired persons, new families just starting out. Mobile Manufactured Home owners could be anyone. I am one. I have raised 3 fine children in the Mobile Manufactured Home Community in Clinton Connecticut called Evergreen Springs Park. I have lived in this type of environment for almost 40 years. My wife and I have always held steady jobs, and we have always been able to provide for our family everything that they needed. When we outgrew the homes we lived in as our family grew, we sold our homes and purchased newer and larger homes, right in the same community.

We were able to do that because Mobile Manufactured Homes are generally less expensive than purchasing a traditional home. The savings we realized in purchasing a Mobile Manufactured Home allowed us to drive newer, more dependable cars, it afforded us the ability to pay our mortgage off 7 years early. Even when things were bad with the economy, we were still able to provide for our family and make ends meet.


When the Great Recession hit, our lives did not change much. In fact, I was able to remodel the interior to our home during that crisis. While stick built homes all around town and the state were in foreclosure and for sale signs were going up everywhere, we were able to ride out the storm in our Mobile Manufactured Home. So whatever you have been told or believed about Mobile Manufactured Home living, is not completely true. We are not living like Lucy and Ricky in the movie "The Long Trailer", nor are we living like the common "Trailer Park Trash" that people still seem to think we all are. We are just like you in more ways than you could imagine!


In fact, some of us are activists. That's right, Activists! We are active in working to make the laws better and more protective for our fellow residents, by working with the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, other Mobile Manufactured Home Owners, and a group of people from the real estate business, the financial business, and yes, even Mobile Manufactured Home Park Owners and Management groups to make thing better for ourselves, our fellow residents, and future residents. We are out to change the way we are looked at and talked about, and the way we are disrespected. We are going to accomplish that as well.

There are some of us who are contacting our State Senators and State Representatives, asking them to join us in working within the laws and regulations of Connecticut, to bring about change and improvement in the laws that govern Mobile Manufactured Home Parks and the management of them. We are going after the abusive landlords and management teams and we intend on fixing what is not right with the industry, working to make them provide safe, clean, and well-functioning and trouble free communities to the residents. We will insist on them following of the statutes of the state, and we will make our communities better for all residents.


Connecticut Manufactured Home Owners Alliance